Focus visits

A focus visit takes place shortly before the end of the three-year certification cycle.

It’s an opportunity for us to discuss with you:

  • what has happened over the past three years
  • the major issues affecting your organisation today
  • your plans for the future, and any changes you anticipate

How you benefit

The focus visit is an important opportunity to look at your plans, where your organisation is heading, and how your management systems may need to change. 

We can discuss your concerns, and tailor the work we do over the coming years to address these. If you’re moving into new areas of business, or new markets, we can help you by bringing in the right expertise, with in-depth experience, to ask the searching questions of your management systems that will help you avoid costly mistakes. 

In this way, our service can help you minimise the risk involved in change, and this can in turn make your organisation more agile and adaptable.

LRQA’s assessment and certification have delivered substantial benefits for Tyco Electronics over the past 12 years, helping us improve our performance and reduce our risks.

Henrique Gianezi, Environmental and Quality Engineer, Tyco Electronics

The visit helps us review what has happened and prepare for the coming three-year cycle. It’s also a chance to stand back from the regular themed visits, and take a more overall view of the organisation and its systems. We might want to discuss any repeat issues that have affected your compliance, and how they are going to be tackled so they are resolved in the long-term.