Certification process

Worldwide, organisations recognise that a thorough understanding of their strengths and weaknesses leads to the identification of potential areas for competitive advantage.

This strategic approach to being a sustainable, successful business is increasingly underpinned through their reliance on certified management systems as a management tool.

To get best value from our certification services, you should look to challenge us, keep us informed, tell us what matters most to you, and use the certification as a way to improve your business and reduce risk.

Working with our assessors

To get the maximum value out of the process, our two organisations need to work together in an atmosphere of trust and co-operation. We need to build relationships and it’s important the people in your organisation see that we’re there to help.

You should encourage everyone to use the certification process as a way to improve the health of your organisation, and the way you do things. To make this a reality, it’s important, that: 

  • we engage with your senior management and establish the key risks, the areas where we should focus 

  • you engage with our assessor and discuss what is valuable to look at

It’s not just about the paperwork

When we look at your management systems, we are not simply referring to your documented way of doing things. We are also going to look at what really happens in your organisation. We want to know that you have a planned approach to dealing with particular issues, whether it is written down, or an informal approach.

Understanding feedback

We are not a consultancy, so we’re not going to come into your organisation and start telling you how to do things. We will ask questions, encourage you to look at alternatives, make you think about your approach and ways it could be improved. We set out to constructively challenge what you are doing and how you are doing it.

By asking you to prove something to us, we are also getting you to prove it to yourself and it’s an important part of what we do. The fact that you have gone through a thorough testing process and found it to be sound and robust, establishes confidence in the approach. It also gives your stakeholders confidence that you are meeting their expectations.