ISO 29990 Learning Service Provider

Background to ISO 29990

The International Standard ISO 29990 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO / TC 232 "services for learning related to education and non-formal education" and is consistent with many management system standards published by ISO, in particular ISO 9001. The standard specifies basic requirements for providers of learning services in education and non-formal education. It also provides a general model for the quality and performance of professional activities and a common reference in the design, development and provision of education, training and development of non-formal education. 

What is ISO 29990?

• the vocational training centres;

• training centres for lifelong learning;

• the corporate training centres (internal and external);

• training centres (internal and external) that offer mainly training and related services to outside users / customers;

• society for which training is a support service to the main business (e.g. Company that produces goods and provides training service to its customers to learn how to use and the maintenance of the goods supplied);

• organizations that offer training exclusively to their staff, typical of large companies (e.g. Banks) and therefore constitute training centres.

Why certify your Company with the standard ISO 29990?

The adoption of ISO 29990 allows:

• maintain high satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the users of the training activities;

• monitor and improve the performance and skills of the staff involved in the delivery of training services;

• identify goals for quality and practical direction for the learning services;

• ensure that the application of the formation is established, monitored, evaluated and documented appropriately;

• raise awareness of the promotion of two-way communication between employees and collaborators, on items that can have a direct impact on them;

• keep up to date teaching materials needed for learning;

• to ensure better management of internal audits, which will be performed by properly trained with a view to identifying real opportunities for the improvement.