LRQA ISO Standards Update: The revision of ISO 22000 is underway

First published in 2005, ISO 22000 is the international standard for food safety.  Like other international standards which are currently under revision including ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental), ISO 22000 is the latest to begin the revisions process.

The meeting of the ISO working group (ISO/TC 34/SC 17/WG 8) in charge of the revision was held in Dublin, Ireland in February to discuss the standard and what the revisions could bring.

ISO 22000 will follow the same format as other management systems standards based upon Annex SL with common texts, terms and definitions. 

Food industry experts will be especially involved in this revision, however other users of the standard will be targeted as necessary. This will include organisations looking for a model by which to develop regulatory requirements with a food safety management approach, and those organisations who don’t directly “manage food” but whose activities fall within the scope of the standard, e.g. water.

The group is due to meet in October to deliver a second version (working document).  Based upon current timescales, the publication of the final standard is expected in 2017.

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