LRQA Verifies National Stock Exchange of India ‘Water Footprint’

Commissioned by Emergent Ventures India (EVI), LRQA verified the Water Footprint prepared by the management, including the green water footprint, blue water footprint and grey water footprint as defined in The Water Footprint Assessment Manual published by the Water Footprint Network. The verification engagement included:

  • A site tour of the NSEIL facility at Exchange Plaza, Mumbai, and a review of processes related to the management of water consumption data and records. 
  • Interviews with key personnel responsible for the management of water consumption data and information, and for the preparation of the water footprint.
  • Sampling of datasets - as part of audit trails - and tracing data back to aggregated levels for the financial year 2012-13.
  • Verification of the water consumption data and information for the financial year 2012-13 included in the Water Footprint.  
The LRQA verifier concluded that nothing had come to light to suggest that the water consumption data and information presented in the Water Footprint were not materially correct. However, it was recommended that NSEIL should continue to develop its systems and processes for collecting, calculating, and reporting water consumption data, in particular focusing on the implementation of a formal procedure for monitoring sewage water discharged to the public sewerage system, including a QA/QC review; the maintenance of records of the calibration of all water meters; and expansion of the scope of reporting to all the facilities and buildings under NSEIL control.