Food Safety

Are you sure that your food supply chain is safe, secure and sustainable?

The food industry faces ever more demanding customers, increasing government requirements, brand issues, environmental impacts, growth and profitability concerns.

We have been working with the world's top brands to achieve the best from their management systems for more than 25 years. We help you protect your brand reputation and consumers by addressing the complexity of risks, up and down your supply chain, and assuring food safety and sustainability

To serve you, we have food assessors who combine our unique methodology with considerable sector experience and extensive knowledge of international and local standards and schemes. LRQA has also produced several content pieces to help you understand a wide range of elements surrounding the topic of food safety. You may download these documents from the section below: 

LRQA White Paper & Interview - Food Fraud

LRQA's white paper and interview documents discuss on some of the business risks associated with food fraud and highlights key considerations to mitigate these risks when using a process-based management system. Download the full literature from the links below to learn more:

LRQA Whitepaper
Leveraging Management Systems To Tackle Food Fraud

LRQA Interview
Safeguarding the Food Supply Chain
LRQA Food Fraud White Paper

LRQA Food Fraud White Paper

LRQA Case Studies

These case studies touch on challenges and success stories on the subject of food safety, and how these organisations have reaped benefits through assessment and certification with LRQA. Download your copy of the case studies from the links below:

ACP Europe Mengniu Food Supply Chain
LRQA Case Study - ACP
LRQA Case Study - Mengniu
LRQA Case Study - Food Supply Chain

How LRQA Can Help?

Our unique methodology helps you manage your business challenges, systems and risks to improve and protect your current and future environmental performance and meet your stakeholders’ needs.

Our in-depth understanding and the technical expertise of our assessors enables us to deliver tangible benefits to our clients through a structured project management approach. We know that good communication is pivotal in delivering transparency through every step of the food safety process. We work with our clients and set clear expectations to all parties on deliverables.